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iPhone App Reviews: Put Your Ingenuity And Flexibility To The Test With Cross Fingers


Cross Fingers, a beautiful new tangram-style game from Mobigame, is now available in the app store. Your mind and fingers will undergo quite a workout as you put your ingenuity and flexibility to the test with this terrific puzzler from the makers of EDGE.


Cross Fingers utilizes a simple premise: rearrange the light-colored wooden shapes to cover the dark background space. Shapes are moved simply by dragging them into place. There are two types of shapes: light wooden pieces and red wooden pieces. The red pieces offer a unique challenge, as they do not stay where they are placed, but rather slide back to their original position. You will be required to move and hold these pieces in temporary positions to facilitate moving other pieces around them. It is this element that bore the name Cross Fingers, as you are bound to get your fingers tangled as you attempt to hold multiple red pieces in place while sliding the wooden pieces around the gameboard.


Cross Fingers contains 120 levels split evenly into three difficulty modes. The first level in each difficulty is unlocked. Each level you complete unlocks the next level within that specific difficulty. You can have up to 3 unbeaten levels open at any given time, so getting stuck on any one level will not prevent you from continuing to play the game. There is no timer and no scorekeeping.


The graphics are pleasantly simple, with a beautiful wooden theme that includes realistic wood grain patterns that give the pieces character. There is no background music, though sound effects indicate when pieces make contact with each other, as well as the completion of a puzzle. Controls utilize the multi-touch interface well, as you may need to manipulate 5 pieces at once. Blocks move in fairly smooth motion while being dragged, though there was some stuttering and moments where it took a couple of tries before the game registered that we were moving an object. This most often occurs when we have at least 3 fingers on screen. Precise movements are necessary, as you can accidentally move an entire grouping of blocks at once or prevent movement by catching a corner on a poorly placed piece. The game feels well-balanced, as easy levels are pretty simple, while levels of greater difficulty may have you scratching your head a bit before arriving at a solution.

Replay value is good, with plenty of challenging puzzles to work through from the start. A timer that records your best times could have been a great way to increase replayability, as well as global leaderboards. Perhaps a future update will include these typically sought-after items. Once you finish the Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels, you unlock Pro. Arcade mode, where you’ll face a flurry of action within a frenetic machine, is unlocked after successful completion of Pro. Survival is the goal and the included scoring element will give you a reason to keep coming back for more. Mobigame is launching the game for $0.99, or less than a penny per puzzle with the Arcade mode to boot. Cross Fingers is a steal and a solid 4-Dimple value.

Cross Fingers gets our AppSmile 4-Dimple rating:

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