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iPhone App Reviews: Implode! Delivers Explosive Package


Implode!, the new physics-based puzzler from IUGO Mobile Entertainment, has found its way to the app store. Though one of the simpler games published by IUGOME, Implode! still packs an impressive amount of fun into a small, explosive package.


Implode! contains 60 levels of buildings, just begging to be reduced to rubble. Each level presents you with the drawing of a building on a chalkboard, with only the support beams visible. You are also given a limited number of bundles of dynamite or blast bombs. These explosives must be placed upon the support beams in a configuration that, when detonated, will cause the building to crumble upon itself, with the highest point of the inevitable pile of rubble below an artificial dotted line. If you are unable to drop the building below the line, you fail and must retry the level. If you succeed, you receive a letter grade (just like in school) and a point total, comprised of Explosion Points, a Height Bonus, an Unused Bomb Bonus, and a Difficulty Bonus. Each of these is converted into dollar amounts, for a total payout in each level. Achieving an A+ on any given level is quite a challenge that will require much tweaking of explosive placement. Progressing through the game will expose you to new challenges, such as beams upon which no bombs can be placed or structures supported by a surprising number of beams, making them harder to bring down.


Graphically, Implode! utilizes a very nice chalkboard theme, with a clean, distinctive look. Sound effects are decent, though we would have liked to hear some better explosion sounds. You can play music from your iPod library, too. The controls are simple, offering both touch and drag options. There is a magnifier that blows up the point that you are placing the bombs, allowing for a better view of the area you are placing the bombs. Unfortunately, as most of the supports look identical, we occasionally found ourselves placing bombs a level above or below where we were attempting to place them. Also, if you fail, previous bomb configurations are not saved, meaning you’ll have to start from scratch. This isn’t a big deal, but it would be nice to see in an update. Regardless, the current controls work well. Drag bombs from the bottom of the screen and place them on the support beams. When satisfied, tap the plunger in the corner of the screen to detonate the devices and watch the building come down.


Implode! offers three difficulty levels (Casual, Veteran, and Expert). Of course, with greater difficulty come greater rewards. You can view the best local scores, as well as post high scores online (online boards total high scores from all levels). These boards, as well as your letter scores, offer great incentive to keep playing and improve your standing. Utilizing IUGO VIP points allows you to unlock the Sandbox cheat mode that disables high scores and allows for more bombs, for the demolition devil in you. Implode! racks up 4-Dimples and sells for $1.99 in the app store.

Implode! gets our AppSmile 4-Dimple rating:

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