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iPhone App Reviews: Soosiz A Truly Polished Platformer That Leaves No Stone Unturned


Soosiz, a new platformer game from Touch Foo has wowed the App world since its release.  With stunning gameplay and the charm of a classic, Soosiz instantly won over the AppSmile team in a matter of minutes.  As we dove deeper into the game we found more to love and 65 reasons to keep coming back.


Platformer style games and side scrolling adventures have long held a place in the hearts for mobile gamers.  Growing up with the genre on their consoles, fans were thrilled to have the likes of Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog along with them at all times in the GameBoy era.  Personally, we never lost our attraction to a good platformer.  So we were delighted to see Soosiz show up on the market in October.


The game takes players through 65 levels in seven worlds in search of their friends lost to an evil empire.  Characters resemble cute spheres sporting tiny faces, hair and shoes.  Limbs are nowhere to be found, but there seems to be no need for them in the topsy turvy adventure you must embark upon.  In a familiar element, players can collect coins along the way.  Saving up 100 coins turns the hero into an invincible warrior for a few moments.  It a very déjà vu experience as the character flashes a flurry of rainbow colors in this formidable state bringing back memories of the games of yesteryear.  Most enemies are defeated with a quick jump to the head.  Finding and rescuing friends within a level can grant power-ups and end-of- round bonuses. Each world has a unique theme and introduces additionally abilities and enemies.  Of course, there are world bosses too.  Soosiz leaves no stone unturned in the expected platformer features list.


The control mechanism is essentially pick-up-and-play.  Left and right arrow buttons control side-to-side movement while an up arrow button handles jumping.  Interestingly, there’s an anti-gravity feel to the entire environment.  The screen whirls around as the character jumps from platform to platform.  For instance, when jumping up to a platform directly above, the character will stick to the underside, while the screen twirls to make sure the hero is always upright.  Certainly a neat stunt, and one we felt sets Soosiz apart from the crowd.


Visually speaking, Soosiz all-out cartoon.  The characters all mesh nicely with their mythical world.  Violence is kept to a minimum making it a great choice for younger gamers.  Touch Foo has included a full soundtrack with Soosiz that has quite a bit of variety.  At times songs reminded us of Irish jigs, and at other times old west saloon piano solos.  All in all, the score is pretty light-hearted and doesn’t seem out of place with overall theme.

At it’s current selling price of $2.99 we put our money on Soosiz.  It boasts all the features one would expect in an epic platformer.  Here’s to Touch Foo for giving the iPhone a true side-scrolling adventure with depth, polish and heart to boot!  We give Soosiz our 5-Dimple rating.

Soosiz gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

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