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News Flash: Ustwo Surprises With BEN10 MouthOff Release


If you own an iPhone and you haven’t heard of MouthOff, we have questions for you… How have you been breaking the ice in business meetings? How have you been introducing yourself on blind dates without it? MouthOff is, in this team’s opinion, a must-have app for all things hilarious. Marketed as “sound reactive animated iPhone mouths”, we know of no other app that can so instantly create a wow-reaction when showing your friends just why you got an iPhone.

Ustwo, the brains behind MouthOff have informed the AppSmile team about today’s release of a new chapter in the MouthOff saga -- BEN10 MouthOff [UK iTunes Link]. Hitting the UK and European App Stores this morning, BEN10 MouthOff combines the Cartoon Network’s smash series with MouthOff’s portability to provide nine new selections to transform yourself into. Now anyone will be able to become one of Ben’s alien heroes in a split second -- maybe even faster than Ben himself ;)

Take a look at the provided screen shots and let us know what you think. Thanks to ustwo for the heads up on this one! Hopefully, we’ll be seeing it on US shores soon.



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