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iPhone Game Reviews: Cubic Match Surprises As Simple Impressive 3D Puzzler


Cubic Match, an interesting 3D puzzler from Jungle of Sharks, is now live in the app store. You’ll need plenty of patience and some stellar spatial skills in order to excel at this game.


The player is presented with two halves of a cube. The object of the game is to figure out which orientation each half must be in so that the pieces will fit together to form a full cube shape. The first level only contains the halves of one cube. The second level contains the halves of three cubes, requiring the player to determine which halves belong together. Each subsequent level adds two more cubes. Level 13, the final level, contains 25 cubes. Cube halves are rotated by swiping up, down, left, or right. You choose a different cube half by using the sliders at either side of the screen. When you believe that you have correctly oriented the two halves of the same cube, tap the arrow button at the bottom center of the screen. If you are correct, the halves will join together. If not, you’ll hear a sound effect indicating that you are wrong and must keep trying. There are 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Expert. On Easy, the cubes are color-coded, making it easier to see which halves go together. The cubes on Normal mode are all the same color, eliminating the advantage found in the previous mode. Expert mode employs different backgrounds and different looks for the cubes on each level, in an attempt to create confusion. It seems fairly effective.


Cubic Match has a pretty simple interface. The cube halves are adequately sized and the scrolling/rotating animations are very smooth. The top of the screen indicates the level and number of completed cubes out of the total number necessary to complete the level. Along the screen bottom are a mute button, the match button, and an info button. The sliders frame the screen edges. There is no soundtrack except on the main menu, but there are sound effects when you swipe/rotate the cubes and make/miss a match. Gameplay starts out pretty easy, but the challenge ramps up very quickly. This is a fairly addictive game and one not to be missed by puzzle fans.


We haven’t come across anything similar in the app store. Replay value is decent, as the variety of shapes and difficulty levels ensure that replaying levels should be just as challenging as the first time. The game autosaves your position and progress upon exit. There is no way to go back and play previous levels without starting a new game, which is a shortcoming in our opinion. There are no scores, no times, and no leaderboards. Play at your own pace and enjoy the experience. Cubic Match is perfectly priced at $0.99 and receives our 4-Dimple seal of approval.

Cubic Match gets our AppSmile 4-Dimple rating:

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