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iPhone Game Reviews: Fling! Puts Plethora of Puzzle Possibilities in Your Pocket


Fling!, a terrific new logic puzzle from CandyCane, is available now in the app store. Playing like a Royal Rumble-style, last-man-standing match with colorful furballs, this deceptively simple game is sure both to frustrate and delight.


The player is presented with a grid containing multi-colored furball characters in a small number of the squares. You eliminate one furball per move by flinging one furball into another along a horizontal or vertical plane. The eliminated furball is sent hurtling out of frame, never to be seen again. Illegal moves include any attempt to fling a furball off of the board without first striking another furball or any attempt to fling a furball into a furball occupying an adjacent square. Keep flinging until only one furball remains. As you progress, more furballs populate the grid and the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly.


There are three game modes to choose from: Arcade, Free Play, and Challenge Mode. Free Play offers untimed gameplay so that you can complete the puzzles without feeling rushed. You may also skip certain puzzles if you like or return to solve previously played puzzles. Arcade and Challenge both track the time it takes to complete the puzzles. In Arcade, you are tasked with completing as many puzzles as possible before the time fully runs out, while Challenge requires you to complete a pre-determined number of puzzles on a specific difficulty level before time runs out so that you can move on to the next difficulty level. Arcade will put time back on the clock for quickly completed puzzles, while the time you start with on Challenge is all you get. Every puzzle’s solution is unique, and puzzles are created on the fly so that no two puzzles are the same.


Graphically, Fling! has a very clean interface, with columns and rows wide enough that you won’t accidentally fling the wrong furball. The characters are whimsical, with blinking eyes but little else. The soundtrack is somewhat reminiscent of a Christmas comedy score, but in a good way. Sound effects are fun and appropriate. Controls are simple taps for menu options and swipes for gameplay. Both work very well. Fling! autosaves your progress so that exiting the game or receiving a phone call will not have an adverse effect on your game. A hands-on tutorial provides all of the info necessary to get you up and flinging, and an undo button and hint option are also available in the event that you get stuck. Local and global leaderboards track high scores for timed modes.

We found this game to be quite addictive and certainly enjoyable. Puzzles really do get much harder as you progress in the game. Gameplay is very smooth and Fling! oozes polish. The game is simple enough for a child to pick up and play, yet challenging enough to keep adults hitting the Undo button and trying again. While similar to Sphaira, Fling! appears to have equaled or bested it in all conceivable categories. Replay value is high, as puzzle generation creates thousands and thousands of possibilities, leaderboards provide motivation and goals, and the game is just generally fun and addictive. Fling! is currently on sale for $0.99 to celebrate being featured on iTunes, so pick this 5-Dimple beauty up now.

Fling! gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

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