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iPhone Game Reviews: Enigmo 2 a Hardcore 3D Puzzler


Enigmo 2, Pangea Software’s follow-up release to the wildly popular physics-based puzzle game Enigmo, has gone live in the app store. The phrase “devilishly fun” keeps popping into mind as we think of a way to describe this game. If you thought it could get frustrating (in a good way) when you were solving puzzles in two dimensions, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Enigmo 2 is back with 50 brand-new puzzles, many of which are coming at you in 3D. That’s right. Now you have to think in an extra dimension in order to solve these cleverly constructed, mind-bending treats for your visual cortex. In concept, the game is straightforward. You must direct water, plasma, and/or lasers (depending upon the availability of each in any given level) into each corresponding container. There is a minimum number of units that must be present in each container, and you’ll typically have to maintain the flow into the container, as these items will “leak” if you fill them and leave them. All containers must meet their quotas simultaneously to proceed to the next level. A bonus point counter will spin down as you play, so the faster you solve the puzzles, the greater your bonus will be.


Graphically, Enigmo 2 is very stylish, with beautiful 3D graphics that will keep you engaged in the action. With terrific textures and animations, the game is as fun to look at as it is to play. Sounds are also great, with a calming soundtrack that will hopefully keep your rage at bay when you can’t seem to get the items into their containers. The dripping water effects can certainly get tiresome, but we found that taking care of the water first (when possible) has helped to eliminate that. Controls are about as good as can be expected when you are dealing with three dimensions. Tap and drag puzzle pieces (drums, mirrors, sponges, etc.) onto the board and into the path of the water, plasma, or lasers to redirect the flow. A rotational ring appears around the placed object to allow you to change its orientation. To change the objects orientation in a different dimension, you must use a two-finger drag method to rotate the puzzle about a fixed point. The rotational ring will change color and allow you to alter its plane in a different direction. A single finger drag allows you to look up, down, left or right. Pinching zooms in and out. There is a snap-to-grid option which can be helpful and a reset view option to bring you back to the original view, in the event that you get hopelessly lost in space. Undo/Redo is also available, if necessary.


Controls can be a bit touchy, so you’ll have to put yourself in a different mindset when playing. We found it very easy to spend a couple of minutes lining up an object just right, only to accidentally drag it out of position. Also, since pinching and rotational view both require the use of two fingers, the board always seems to rotate a bit when we’re pinch-zooming, which is a bit annoying. Some of the puzzles can appear a bit daunting, with limited pieces and several tasks to complete with them (for example, you may need to activate a certain button to turn off a force field before you can direct a specific material into its container), so major creativity is necessary to achieve success. There are 4 save locations available, but we could not seem to figure out how to save to any location other than the first, which seemed odd.


Overall, we found the game to be a terrific challenge and gameplay was smooth and enjoyable. This is certainly worthy of the same praise that Enigmo received, and we would not be surprised to see Enigmo 2 pick up some of the same awards for Pangea. Replay value is high, with multiple ways to solve each puzzle and bonuses for speed, though it appears you’ll have to play the game through again to get this chance, as you cannot return to previously played levels. At its launch price of $2.99, Enigmo 2 is a 5-Dimple standout that is certainly worth every dollar for the hardcore, 3D puzzle gamer.

Enigmo 2 gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

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