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Iphone Game Reviews: Triazzle an iPhone Puzzle Comes to Life


Triazzle, the popular matching puzzle game, has been released in the app store by Dreamship. With its attractive animations, clean interface, and fiendishly clever gameplay, Triazzle is sure to delight puzzle gamers of all ages.

The Triazzle board is a triangle, broken into 9 or 16 smaller triangles within. Each Triazzle piece has half of a butterfly (or frog or turtle or firefly) on each of its three sides. The border of the full gameboard also has its sides lined with animal halves. Your objective is to place the pieces in the gameboard such that all bordering pieces create the full animal image. Sounds easy? It’s not. You’ll be cranking along, placing piece after piece and thinking everything is fine until you are two pieces from completing the puzzle. Suddenly, you realize that neither of your remaining pieces has two green halves and a red half. Maybe you’ll try swapping out that piece above the empty space with this other piece. And swap this piece for that one. Take that one off the board completely and save it for a moment. If we put this piece up there and rotate that piece like so, we’ve just completely confused ourselves. It’s that quick.


Of course, being a puzzler, you have a high tolerance for frustration, so you keep plugging away, swapping pieces for other pieces until that wonderful moment when everything does fit. The whole board comes to life, the puzzle proclaims that it has been solved, the rain stops, the angels sing, the Middle East declares peace at last, and… ok, we got a bit carried away. There are few things as satisfying as getting to the bottom of one of these puzzles, though.


You can choose to play gameboards of either 9 or 16 pieces. The 16 piece gameboard contains a dock on either side of the screen to hold shrunken versions of the game pieces. Tap-drag a piece onto the gameboard (it will expand to its proper size) and release to allow it to snap into the space over which it’s hovering. Tap the piece to rotate it clockwise, if necessary. Repeat until you get stuck or you solve the puzzle. Triazzle is untimed and points aren’t really an issue. It just exists for the experience. There are 5 difficulty levels (Kids, L1, L2, L3, and “?”) so that you can fine-tune the game to your liking. Random-generation of levels ensures maximum replayability. There is also a hint function available for those players who get really stuck. When this is activated, you may tap on any one space in the gameboard and the game will indicate which piece belongs in that spot, though it won’t indicate which way it is to be rotated. That’s still up to you to discover. After all, it’s a hint button, not a solve button. You can use unlimited hints in Kids mode (though you probably shouldn’t need them), 5 hints on L1, 4 on L2, and 3 on L3. If you’ve exhausted all of your hints or simply want to move on to another board, there is a “Shake to Solve” feature. Simply shake the device and the game solves the level for you.


Graphically, the interface is clean and pleasing, utilizing plenty of bright colors and fun animal effects, such as butterfly wing flapping and frogs randomly jumping about. There are several gorgeous backgrounds available, as well. A bar across the top offers a menu button, a level indicator, the hint button, and a match indicator. The sounds are terrific, creating a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music and ambient animal noises. Controls are as simple as tapping and dragging. Everything worked fluidly and naturally. A tutorial is available from the options menu and the game autosaves your progress in the event you need to walk away rather than break your device.

This is a high quality puzzle game with great attention to detail and challenging gameplay. Dreamship has priced Triazzle at $2.99, a price justified by its quality and quantity of games. Triazzle is an enjoyable, 5-Dimple winner.

Triazzle gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

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