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iPhone Game Reviews: Block Drop Offers Near Limitless Possibilities


Block Drop, a beautiful and addictive new strategic puzzler created by Dan Russell-Pinson, is now available in the app store. With randomly-generated level structures and musical compositions, you’re sure to enjoy an experience than can never be duplicated.


Block Drop has a simple premise: remove all of the blocks on each level until only the block with the checkered flag remains. This is accomplished by strategic maneuvering of a sparkling gem. The game takes place upon a serene body of water. A number of blocks rise out of the water. One block contains the checkered flag and another has a gem perched atop. You control the gem. Each time you leap off of a block, the block disappears into the water. If you jump off of a tower of blocks, the bottom block disappears, lowering the tower by a single block. You must discover the patterns of jumps that will eliminate all of the blocks, causing your last jump to be onto the checkered flag block.


Each level’s structure is randomly generated, so you are forced to figure out a legitimate pattern to achieve your goal each time, rather than memorize a previously-used jumping pattern. The graphics are gorgeous, with a sunset-like background and rippling water effects. The background music is also randomly generated, creating dreamy, New Age compositions that enhance the relaxing atmosphere. Controls are simplistic, as well. There is a virtual pad on the right side of the screen to control left, right, forward, and backward jumps. Simply touch any direction to jump one space. To jump two spaces, touch and hold the little square button on the left side of the screen while tapping a direction arrow. Missing a block plunges your gem into the water and restarts the level. Occasionally, you will encounter survival levels, where columns quickly rise from the water and disappear just as fast. You must be quick to avoid getting wet. There are 999 levels in the game, so it should keep you fairly busy.


A mini top-down map is in the upper right corner, which can be helpful as you get deeper into the game and your view of some blocks may be obscured. You can choose to replay any previously played level from the menu screen, though it will be in a different configuration. You can also view the level solution from the options menu, in the event that you really get stumped. A quick tutorial is also available to visually explain the game mechanics.

As the game offers near limitless possibilities, replay value is extremely high. You can easily lose yourself in the game for an hour or more without realizing it. Block Drop is currently enjoying an introductory sale price of $0.99, so get it before it goes up. Ten levels for a penny is a huge bargain. Block Drop is a 5-Dimple must-have.

Block Drop gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

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