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iPhone Game Reviews: Spy Bot Chronicles A Platformer Not to be Missed


Spy Bot Chronicles is a terrific new 2D platformer that continues the saga begun by Toy Bot 1, 2, and 3.  Recently released in the app store by IUGO, Spy Bot Chronicles builds on the success and polish of the Toy Bot franchise that we have come to expect and hold dear.


Before he can begin episode 4, Toy Bot is kidnapped by the evil Thief Bot, who has already swiped a mess of other objects, from the mundane Pizza to the IUGO-specific Freeballin’ Orb. Spy Bot, decked out in sunglasses and trenchcoat for maximum levels of incognito, must travel across 4 worlds, reclaiming the stolen items and rescuing Toy Bot. Several enemies are scattered throughout these worlds to thwart Spy Bot’s efforts. While all of these fiends are annoying, some can be used to further your efforts and provide that much needed edge when Spy Bot gets stuck. For instance, the little yellow guy who bumps you around can actually give you quite a big boost upward when you land on him just right, allowing you to propel yourself higher than your jumping ability allows. There are also several skill sets that you can acquire along the way to help you deal with new obstacles, such as the Double Jump to help you reach those unusually high platforms.


Utilizing his hacking ability, Spy Bot can even interact with the worlds in new and exciting ways, such as activating a labyrinth-like structure to spin in ways that allow Spy Bot to get through to continue his journey. Tap on an object that contains the hacking symbol to activate it. As you make your way through the levels, you’ll need to collect the gears laid out like a trail of breadcrumbs. These serve to lead you through the level toward the checkpoints and the endpoint. Activating checkpoints will allow you to restart from said point if you fall off of a ledge or are hurt by an enemy.


Graphically, the world of Spy Bot is similar to those of Toy Bot, with bright colors and Mario-like level structures. Sounds are fun and upbeat, very fitting for the game style. The control scheme is dead simple, too. Left and right buttons in the lower left corner control left and right movements. A jump button in the lower right corner makes Spy Bot jump. Spy Bot even has a laser beam that shoots out of his head. Dr. Evil would be so jealous. To fire the weapon, simply tap the screen in the direction that you want to shoot. This can be used to eliminate enemies, as well as interact with your surroundings, knocking down towers, destroying blocks, cutting ropes, etc.

Spy Bot offers tons of replay value, with hours of initial playthrough value and the motivation of collecting all of the objects and all of the gears available throughout the game. As of this writing, Spy Bot Chronicles enjoyed an introductory sale price of $0.99, though it has now risen to $3.99, which is in keeping with the other games in the series. Regardless, it is a great value for a 5-Dimple favorite.

Spy Bot Chronicles gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

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