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iPhone Game Reviews: Ric Rococo a 4-Dimple FunFest


Ric Rococo: International Art Thief, a stealth-based platform game from Honeyslug, is available in the app store. If you’ve ever dreamed of pulling off a major caper, now is your chance to do it from the safety of your iDevice.


You are Ric Rococo, the greatest art thief of your generation. Through 10 increasingly difficult levels, you must sneak around an art gallery at night, swiping enough priceless artwork to meet your target value within the allotted time. Each level is dedicated to a specific type of artwork, including Surrealists, Old Masters, Impressionists, and many more. You are not alone in your quest, as your girlfriend accompanies you, hovering outside of the gallery in the Rocococopter, ready to accept the hot merchandise. Of course, actually snatching-and-grabbing the paintings won’t be as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to avoid the security cameras, night patrol guards, and laser security systems while making your way through the multi-level facility full of escalators and elevators. You’ll have to be crafty and move quickly if you want to make it out unseen.


Graphically, the game looks a bit flash-based, but in a good way. The game has a slick, fun look about it. Sounds are adequate, with a simple backtrack and cartoonish sound effects. Controls are touch-based and simple. Touch the left side of the screen to move left and the right side to move right. When there is an action that Ric can perform, a button signifying that action will appear at the bottom of the screen. Simply tap to perform these actions, such as Escalator (use it), Call Lift, Pedestal (stand on a pedestal and pose to fool a guard), Hide, Drop (pass artwork off to your girlfriend), and more. The first couple of levels are pretty easy to pass, with low value limits and no guards/cameras. As you progress in the game, you’ll have to avoid more and more obstacles to be successful.


Though the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly, it shouldn’t take much effort to get through the game. We nearly finished after our first hour playing. It would be nice to see updates with more levels to keep the game fresh. Right now, there isn’t much replayability once you’ve completed the game. It is, however, fun while it lasts. Honeyslug has priced Ric Rococo at $2.99, which is probably a bit high for a game with only 10 levels, simple controls, and limited replayability. Now, if we were looking at 80-100 levels, it might feel justified. At present, it looks like an early installment and feels like a dollar game. Regardless of its price, Ric Rococo is a 4-Dimple funfest.

Ric Rococo: International Art Thief gets our AppSmile 4-Dimple rating:

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