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iPhone Game Review: Homerun Battle 3D Touts Awesome Stats

We have an app to show you that we can’t seem to put down. The more we hand it around the office the more people become addicted to Homerun Battle 3D.  This homerun derby style iPhone game was recently released by developer Com2US.

Shrouded in beautifully rendered graphics, Homerun Battle 3D is what a casual sports game should be.  In theory, this title sounds simple – hit as many homeruns as you can before reaching your maximum “outs”.  But we found there is quite a skill to finding the ball’s sweet spot.  Extensive instructions and an included tutorial step you through the gameplay requirements.  Com2US has provided a fantastic control mechanism in Homerun Battle 3D. Aim the hit by tilting the device and tap to swing. Our AppSmile team has agreed that watching for the ball’s shadow to pass over the home plate is the key to success.

There are four game modes to choose from. The most intriguing of these is Matchup. Here you can rival other players via online competition. Add your friends or choose a random slugger to play against live. The goal is to flood your score bar with points before your opponent does.  You can even watch your opponent’s status in an included viewing window on the screen.  Com2US has scored a huge plus with this aspect of Homerun Battle 3D as the rival matchup opportunities are seemingly endless.

Don’t have access to a network connection at the moment?  No problem. Arcade mode pits you against your own high scores in a batting battle for prominance.  Get as many points before you reach 10 outs (which include strikes and fouls).  Classic mode is similar with the exception that any hit that is not a home run counts as an out. Training mode lets you select from multiple pitchers, balls, and speed to develop your skills.

Scores are derived from points accumulated based on hitting distance. Homeruns add 100 points to your hitting distance.  Item Balls can also help you rack up the points. Randomly thrown, item ball can double, even triple your score.  You can earn extra lives (minus outs). The catch is that an item ball is only collected if its hit into a homerun.  Gold balls can be used to purchase an allotment of items in the custom upgrade shop.  Here you can buy from 114 (expensive) upgrades.  Additionally, many selections can improve your performance.

If you have a hankerin’ for some baseball spankerin’ head on over and pick up Homerun Battle 3D today. It won’t disappoint.

Homerun Battle 3D gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

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