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iPhone Game Review: Toki Tori Gets Outstanding Marks


Toki Tori, Chillingo’s bird-brained puzzle platformer, has earned rave reviews from gamers and we loved it in pre-release status. Chillingo has declared a MEGA SALE and slashed the price from $4.99 to a hit-the-buy-button-without-thinking price of $0.99.


Toki Tori is an egg-shaped, flightless yellow bird who must traverse 80 levels of play across 4 different worlds, collecting eggs while avoiding enemies. As he gets further into the game, Toki will acquire different items that will be necessary to help him achieve his objective. For instance, Toki may need a Bridge item in order to cross a gap, as he can only hop a very short distance and height. He can, however, use his tiny wings to flutter slowly and safely from any height. There is also a Telewarp item that allows him to teleport a short distance, a Freeze-o-matic gun for turning enemies into harmless ice cubes, and much more. Many of these items have a specific number of uses in each level. Choose your item use carefully.


Prior to each level, a text box pops up to give info about new items or tips about completing the level. When the level begins, the camera pans around the board, highlighting the position of each egg. Toki warps in to begin his adventure. You can drag two fingers to pan around the board. Tap wherever you want Toki to move and he’ll do his best to get there, provided there are no obstacles in his way. Pinching will also zoom in or out to give you a better look at the board. A thin item bar adorns the side of the screen, indicating which items are available and in what quantity. To use an item, simply tap it. Touching an enemy ends the level, causing you to restart. If Toki gets stuck (which he will from time to time), you’ll need to restart, as well. There is an optional Wildcard that you can use to skip a really difficult level. You can get your Wildcard back by returning to the skipped level and completing it, which will allow you to then use the Wildcard again on a latter level.


Graphically, Toki Tori looks terrific and runs smooth as a baby’s backside. Chillingo has included a pleasant, upbeat soundtrack that is in keeping with the fun style of the game. The controls are dead simple. The accelerometer does actually come in to play, though it’s fairly unnecessary. By tilting your iDevice, Toki will look left or right. Not real important, but it does work. Replay value is not as high as in games where time is a factor or levels are randomly generated, but it may be worth continuing once completed for the sake of enjoyment. Toki is a fun platformer that appeals to players of all ages, and at its current price of $0.99, is certainly affordable for all players, too.

Toki Tori gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

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