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Edge Returns to iTunes App Store as Must-Have App
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Edge, Mobigame’s award-winning isometric cube race set in a 3D world, has finally made its triumphant return to the App Store after a months long trademark infringement battle. In a nutshell, the CEO of EDGE Games claimed to own the trademark on the word “Edge” and, therefore, Mobigame could not market their game under that name. After much deliberation over this issue and without making too many specific details public about the current status of the situation, Mobigame has decided not to withhold Edge any longer. With the whole mess appearing to be squarely in the rearview mirror, Edge is free to resume its place among the must-have apps.


Edge places your character, a simple, color-morphing cube, into a world reminiscent of cities built with sugar cubes. Your task is to move about the world by flipping your cube end-over-end through the maze-like board, collecting glowing prisms along the way toward the pulsating goal square in the least amount of time. Along the way, you may be required to activate a series of switches in order to bring about certain actions that further your progress through the level, such as elevators that raise your cube to a higher platform level or portions of the playing surface that move and reconfigure themselves to form a bridge or staircase. Each level feels like an interactive landscape that will often require you to make split-second decisions or perfectly time your movements to avoid dropping off of the map. No worries if you do fall, however, as Edge simply restarts you from the point of the most recently collected prism. You are graded on your performance, which takes into account the number of deaths per level (times fallen off of the map), your speed in reaching the goal square, and the number of prisms that you managed to collect along the way.


The graphics are about as simple as they come. Each of the 40 levels (plus 3 bonus levels unlocked by collecting all of the prisms in the game) consists of configurations of gray cubes, with splashes of color contained within the prisms, the goal square, and your character. The soundtrack has a real funky, old school video game vibe that feels well-suited to the game. The 18 different tunes are available for download from for free, which is a very cool bonus. You are given 3 control options: d-pad, touch, and tilt. The default, and our preferred method, is touch. Simply touch and hold your finger on the screen and your cube flips in that direction. It couldn’t be any easier.


Though it shares qualities with marble rolling games, platformers, and several other game genres, Edge rolls these attributes into a unique game without any direct competition in the app store. The levels are simple enough to complete in about an hour, though replayability remains high as you’ll continually try to improve upon your level times and grades, not to mention the highly enjoyable experience of playing the game and listening to the music. The $4.99 price tag may seem a bit high, but with the polish and elegance of Edge firmly established, we feel that this is justified. Version 1.2 is currently in review at Apple, promising 3 new levels of gaming bliss. Edge is a no-brainer, 5-Dimple standout, and we welcome it back with open arms.

Edge Returns to iTunes App Store as Must-Have App, reviewed by AppSmile Team on 2009-06-22T11:45:31+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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