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iPhone Game Reviews: Rasta Monkey Wants to Jam it With You

Rasta Monkey is certainly not a new addition to the App Store but it still has tons of spring in its step.

Upon launch of the game you find yourself surrounded in a multi-chromatic landscape filled with amusing characters and crazy-talkin’ dialog “mon!”

Follow General Rasta Monkey’s directions as you swing Rasta Monkey through level after level of physics based fun.  Collect fruit along the way to make your “Dada’s” day.  Game control is via the iPhone’s touch screen – touch the four corners to move Rasta Monkey in every direction.  Nikato has developed a simply stunning method of launching your jammin’ character through the air to high tree branches.  Hold down both thumbs and Monkey circles until you release in the desired direction.

Levels increase in difficulty as the game progresses -- adding enemies along the way.  At the moment there are only 3 levels, which ranks it a little lower than longer platformers like Bounce On or Rolando.  Reach the striped pole at the end of the level is not as easy as one might think. Apparently Nikato will be adding an arrow guide to all levels in their next update. In spite of some of the difficult situations, you may actually enjoy taking some time to explore Rasta Monkey’s world.  The included sound track even makes you feel on vacation at times.  Nikato has also added an array of side-splitting commentary and jovial sound effects.  We did find load times tending to lag on game start-up.  Come on, it can’t all be good…

If you’re idea of a good time is jammin’ to some Marley tunes or getting a dreadlock makeover and you want a fitting game to accompany you, may we suggest Rasta Monkey.

We’ve seen a few other swinging games out there for the iPhone but Nikato’s Rasta Monkey snags our AppSmile 4-Dimple rating due to it’s superb gameplay, colorful environment, and simply smashing soundtrack.

Rasta Monkey

Rasta Monkey gets our AppSmile 4-Dimple rating:

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