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iPhone App Reviews: MouthOff

Alright, after much expectancy, the AppSmile Team is finally reviewing MouthOff by ustwo. ustwo released MouthOff into the iTunes App Store on March 4, 2oo9.

We’ve been having a blast with it ever since. So what does this app do exactly? MouthOff uses your voice to generate funny and entertaining mouths that speak what you say… Sound confusing? Watch the video review below.

Choose from 8 different mouths -- rude-boy, robot, synth, grandma, kiss-me-quick, angry-emperor, dog or monster. Plus, AppSmile got exclusive access to 5 extra mouths that are coming when MouthOff gets updated soon.

Another cool aspect of MouthOff is that ustwo has launched a website where you can share your MouthOff videos. Just film yourself using MouthOff, upload your video to YouTube, tag them with showusyourmouthoff, and it’ll display on ustwo’s MouthOff site within 15 mins!

MouthOff was primarily developed for use with the iPhone because it needs a microphone to work. However, the AppSmile team has also been testing it with the iPod Touch and an external mic plugged in. No problems there.

We can’t wait to see your videos using MouthOff. We’ll be checking ustwo’s MouthOff video site frequently and suggest you do the same!


MouthOff gets our AppSmile 5-Dimple rating:

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